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Machining Performing Center for CUSTOMIZED

  • Qualitty Strength Carbon Steel Material

    Qualitty Strength Carbon Steel Material

    Here's a view of our customized Leaf Spring parts we developed for the Automotive Suspension System Industry.


    Production process
    General use of 60Si2Mn, 50CrV materials such as, using the process of cutting, drilling,
    scroll ear chickweed, quenching and tempering, shot peening, assembled, pre pressure, painting, and other process


  • Sheet Metal Parts  Fabrication Services:

    Sheet Metal Parts Fabrication Services:

    Processes: Shear - Punching- Cutting - Bending - folding - welding...ect.


    Common surface treatments: electro galvanized, chrome, copper, nickel, wire drawing , plating, sandblasting electroplating; electrochemical polishing, spraying paint, spraying powder (plastic), paint, such as electrophoresis

  • Welding Process

    Welding Process

    TOPONAUTO| Welding Procedure 



    1. Can produce parts with complex shapes.

    2. Commonly used in the industrial Heavy Steel metal materials Parts

    3.Welding process for  all produced under rigorous standards.
  • Forging  Parts

    Forging Parts

    Here's a view of our Customized Forging parts & Machine we developed for the Automotive Industry.


    Forging Feature :


    *High strength, good toughness 


    *not easy to break, tightness, for automobile important parts。

  • Forging Manufacturing Process

    Forging Manufacturing Process

    TOPONAUTO|Surface Treatment for Metal Parts

    Plastic Dust-free Painting Production Line

    Safety production standard of spray workshop operation !

    Welcome your sample or drawing to manufacture!

Additional Service

~ Your #1 Stop for  Manufacturing Service to save your time and cost-Project cost accounting、Material calculation Sample making 、Laser engraving